World-Class Treatment With Concierge-Quality Service

Visiting your physician’s office may not always be the most exciting experience, but at Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates, we aim to make every aspect of your time with us exceptional. You’ll be greeted by our friendly staff and will have the opportunity to relax in our modern reception area.

We are here to help you with insurance questions and are always happy to assist in completing any paperwork. Our state of the art office is accredited and equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to thoroughly diagnose your concerns with ease. An en suite procedure room offers you the ultimate in convenience, allowing you to get back to your day with ease.

Healthcare Quality You Can Trust

Our office-based surgical suite, Park Square Medical, is proudly accredited by the Joint Commission – the same body that accredits major hospital centers. This rigorous process entails the development of infrastructure, processes, and personnel that meet the Joint Commission’s standards for best practices ensuring the highest quality safety and patient outcomes.

Expert, Warm, and Convenient Care in the Heart of Manhattan

The city can often feel large and impersonal, but it is our goal to make patients at Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates right at home. Our reception staff will ensure that you have everything necessary to make your visit comfortable, and our amenities are second to none. The team at MPSA has an Ivy League background and seamlessly blends their expertise with truly compassionate care, ensuring that your needs and concerns come first.

Taking time out of your busy day to visit a doctor can be frustrating, but our team strives to provide you with superior care that doesn’t take all afternoon. On time appointments with treatment plans that actually work puts the power of pain relief in your hands.