You don’t need to be a major league baseball player to require optimal shoulder health, and any time you experience pain or a limit in mobility in this area, it can seriously impact your quality of life. Just think for a moment how often you use your arms each day, and imagine if you were not able to accomplish small tasks without feeling pain or discomfort. The team at Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates is here to help with an approach to pain management that’s first in its class.

Tendon inflammation (tendinitis or bursitis)

A wide range of factors can lead to shoulder pain, and whether you have been injured or have a degenerative disease, you can experience painful tendon inflammation. This issue typically manifests itself in the form of tendinitis or bursitis. Both conditions can lead to pain, limited movement, and can impede upon on simple daily tasks like combing one’s hair.


If moving your arm away from your body results in pain, you may be experiencing a shoulder impingement. This occurs when the top of the shoulder blade rubs on the rotator cuff tendons and small fluid-filled sacs called bursa. In many cases, an impingement can lead to tendinitis or bursitis. Patients find that repetitive motions are often one of the primary causes of this type of shoulder pain.

Rotator cuff tear

The shoulder is a complex system and part of its ability to move smoothly lies in the rotator cuff. Although many times an injury to these tendons is the result of a sports accident, it too can occur from repetitive motion. Sometimes a tear in the rotator cuff is rather small and will heal on its own, while other more extensive instances require additional treatment and therapies.


Shoulder pain can be caused by osteoarthritis as well, a very common occurrence as we age. Many refer to this condition as “wear and tear” based because it begins to develop during middle age. Osteoarthritis in the shoulder can lead to discomfort, limited mobility, and a feeling of stiffness, and in some cases can be related to the previously mentioned conditions.
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Living with undiagnosed shoulder pain can be challenging, and at Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates, it is our mission to restore your quality of life as soon as possible. In order to develop a complete treatment plan for your specific concern, our team will complete a thorough diagnosis. We believe that pain management should be as minimally invasive as possible, and both our diagnostic measures as well as our treatment recommendations closely follow this approach.
Various types of shoulder issues require specific methods of testing, however we will always begin your visit with a conversation about your medical history, activities, and symptoms. Identifying an instance of chronic pain compared to an issue that was the result of a sports injury may assist in the ways we recommend treating your pain.
The shoulder specialists at Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates will then perform a physical examination, carefully evaluating your shoulder and assessing your range of movement. In some cases, simply being able to see how your shoulder moves can give us an indication of the problem.
If you have been in pain for a long time and have a family history of arthritis, it may be possible that osteoarthritis is the cause. Our team will take a blood sample for further evaluation and may even remove some of the fluid that lines your joints to explore the cause of your shoulder pain.
Many other shoulder issues including impingements, bursitis, and tendonitis can benefit from a battery of tests that allow us to see what’s going on inside of the joint. X-rays can help to identify if a bone spur is a contributing cause of the concern while an MRI can also provide additional information. For many shoulder concerns we prefer to use an ultrasound, as this technology gives us an accurate understanding of the inner workings of this area of the body.
The professionals at Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates know that your time is valuable and we work diligently to provide comprehensive diagnoses that quickly get to the heart of your concerns. We make it a priority to relieve your shoulder pain and provide you with peace of mind.
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When you have been diagnosed with a shoulder condition, you may initially think that orthopedic surgery is your only option. However at Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates, we make every effort to pursue minimally invasive routes before opting for this treatment. By listening to your needs and desires and utilizing the latest in state of the art tools, we are able to develop a plan that works for your lifestyle.
In many instances, our shoulder specialists are able to work with you to relieve your immediate pain and develop a plan of action that allows you to return to your usual activities. After completing a diagnosis, our primary goal is usually to reduce your amount of pain. This can be accomplished through the use of anti-inflammatory medications, rest, and icing the affected area.
The discomfort associated with a shoulder injury often subsides within several days, and once you begin to regain some level of mobility, our physicians will discuss various options for physical therapy. The goal is to strengthen the shoulder muscles in an effort to limit future injury. PT is one of the best treatment options we can recommend along the lines of our minimally invasive approach.
If your concerns do result in a need for surgery, don’t worry as many of today’s orthopedic surgeons can utilize arthroscopic techniques to limit your recovery time. While shoulder surgery is not always the best option for all patients, in some instances it is the ideal solution. Keep in mind that our team will not recommend surgery lightly, and will exercise all other options before advising this method of treatment.
Shoulder pain can put a huge damper on one’s quality of life, and at Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates we know that you cannot afford to be slowed down by an injury. Our Ivy-League trained team will get to the heart of your concerns and offer treatment plans that are effective and easy to follow.
Taking a conservative and minimally-invasive approach to chronic and acute back pain, our shoulder doctors may recommend a range of options


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