Our team of physicians places a strong emphasis on treatment options that are right for you, resulting in a collaborative and unique approach to patient concerns. The team at Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates combines education with state of the art equipment to create an environment that’s comfortable and efficient, placing us as one of the top pain management practices in the greater Manhattan area.

We believe that, in most cases, a conservative minimally invasive approach will better meet your needs in the long run. That’s why we recommend surgery or more invasive procedures only when absolutely necessary. With an extensive background in treating sports injuries and a wide range of pain issues, our staff is ready to help you get back to your busy life as quickly as possible.


Treatment Philosophy

At Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates, we take a personalized approach to treatment. Each patient visits us with a different set of symptoms and concerns, and it’s our goal to develop solutions that work for your lifestyle. Keep reading to see just what sets us apart from the rest.

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The team at Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates places a high value on educating our patients, and with our Ivy League training, we can get to the heart of your issue quickly. While we utilize state of the art equipment and are knowledgeable about the latest treatment options, we also aim to offer a completely personalized solution. We spend time getting to know you and truly care about your needs.

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Staff and Facilities

While personalized care can offer a wealth of treatment options, there’s an added benefit that comes with utilizing the latest in technology. Our office provides a welcoming environment that makes you feel welcome the moment you walk in, and our diagnostic tools are the top of the line. By blending compassion and care with state of the art services, it is easy to see why patients choose Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates.

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Press and Media

With a true desire to help those in need, our team has built Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates to be a reputable and honored practice right in the heart of the city. Our work has also been featured in a variety of publications, outlining the ways in which we are revolutionizing pain management.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority, and by taking on a collaborative approach to your concerns, the team at Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates wants you to feel heard. If you are curious about what working with us is like, click the link below to read reviews from our patients. It is our goal to make sure your experience with us is everything you have been looking for.

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